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Who needs a pink tutu?

I'm not very good with introductions.
Apr 24 '14



is some creep trying to pester you into a relationship? are you ready to shut them out of your life once and for all and look cute as frick doing it? 

here’s a video to help you boot that sucker so far into the friendzone they’ll wish they’d never met you in the first place!

the subtle music in the background is what makes this

oh my god the narration so matter of fact

Apr 24 '14


i can’t stop laughing about the fact that moffat and gatiss thought jim coming back would be such a cliffhanger for us and we’d all lose our brains wondering whether he faked his death too or not but instead the main topic of our discussions is if sherlock had cried on the plane or not

Apr 24 '14


how I wake up on weekdays

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Apr 24 '14

"The Rape Poem to End All Rape Poems."

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Apr 23 '14


before i knew which blogs were which,

some were fandom, some were art, some were music, and some were a bit of everything.

but now

now everything is sebastian stan

Apr 23 '14

Prince George’s First Royal Tour

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Apr 23 '14


acting cool around ur crush


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Apr 22 '14

i tried not to reblog but the feels got me


i tried not to reblog but the feels got me

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Apr 21 '14


George throwing a bitch to the floor

Apr 21 '14

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